War Dividends

W.J. Astore

The Pentagon Budget Keeps Soaring Up, Up, and Away!

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the Cold War ended, I heard a lot about peace dividends. It was time to become a normal country in normal (more peaceful) times, said Jeanne Kirkpatrick, an early neocon who served under Ronald Reagan. More than thirty years later, America still awaits its peace dividends from the Cold War.

When the Afghan War came to a sputtering and ignominious end in 2021, I didn’t hear much at all about peace dividends. Even though the Afghan War was costing the United States almost $50 billion a year before it crashed and burned, the Pentagon budget for 2022 went up by that amount rather than down. You’d think the end of wars would lead to a decrease in military spending, but not in America.

And so we come to today, when I learned that the Pentagon budget for 2023, which sat at $802 billion per the request of the Biden administration, has been boosted big time to $847 billion by the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. That’s $45 billion extra for more wars and weapons, a whopping sum of money that would likely end homelessness if it was invested in America.

One thing is certain: war dividends always come through. Peace dividends? Not so much.

How does the Washington Beltway crowd justify such enormous sums for “national defense”? Threat inflation, of course. Because of its debilitating war with Ukraine, Russia is weaker but somehow that means America must spend more because Putin or something. Chinese maneuvers near Taiwan are treated like direct incursions into U.S. coastal waters. A few North Korean missiles are enough to justify more than a trillion dollars for new or revamped nuclear forces over the next thirty years. And of course military Keynesianism is always a factor, as in Pentagon-related jobs spread as widely as possible through every Congressional district.

The Pentagon can’t even pass an audit (for the fifth year in a row!), yet it still gets more and more billions from you the taxpayer.

I took a quick look at NBC News online to see if there were any objections to this massive $847 billion budget for the Pentagon. The only story featured warned that “GOP senators threaten to delay military bill over vaccine mandate.” Yes, what’s truly worrisome is that a few troops might have to accept a COVID vaccine against their will. Geez, where were these senators when the military was jabbing me in the arm every year with a mandatory flu vaccine?

Trees are falling in the forest to print all the money the Pentagon wants (and then some), but few Americans hear a sound since the mainstream media refuses to cover wasteful military spending and disastrous American wars. 

If you should want a sure bet in America, don’t toss money at your favorite sports team. Place your bet on America’s war horse. Whether it wins, places, or shows, or even comes up lame, it will always pay dividends.

6 thoughts on “War Dividends

  1. Yeah, where’s my ‘peace dividend’? I’ve been waiting for 30-some damn years but all I see is inflated spending on war and with it, a national debt that will soon enough come crashing down on the citizens’ heads.

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  2. Yes all that spending is welfare for the MIC, but I do also wonder if part of our obsession with war toys is a deep fear that what we have done to so many around the world might one day be done to us. We as a nation have to stay ahead of everyone else or they might return the horrors we visited on them, especially during the Cold War and the War on Terror. How else can we stay the exploiter and not the exploited?

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    1. The US is the BIGGEST ARMS MERCHANT in the History of Nations and Americans mirror that love of weapons.

      Manifest Divine Justice will be visible when the use of those weapons by Americans against Americans all the leading indicators point to the US and this Material World rushing down that Path of Destruction mentioned in the NT.


  3. I could feel a little bit better about it if more went to improve the lives of service members families. Base housing, support for families with deployed spouse/parent. Things like that. Of course, they could just bring more troops home and reduce deployments but we know that won’t happen. I just read today that the President of Finland admitted that Europe is indefensible without America’s help.


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