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My interview with Bob Scheer on nuclear war and the military-industrial complex (February 2023) is here.

My interview with Scott Horton (October 2022) about the lack of integrity in the U.S. military is here.

My video interview on the future of U.S. defense and foreign policy (joined by Colonel Greg Daddis, USA, Ret.) is here with “Now This — Opinions.”

My podcast with Burt Cohen, “Meet the New Cold War, Same As the Old One,” on 1/27/22 is available at Keeping Democracy Alive.

My podcast with Burt Cohen, “Even when it loses, the Pentagon wins,” on 9/29/21 is available at Keeping Democracy Alive.

My interview in the summer of 2021 with Catalysta (Two Minutes to Midnight) on challenging militarism and charting a new course toward peace is available on YouTube.  Follow this link.

My podcast (posted on 2/10/21) with James Bradley at “Untold Pacific” focused on my article at TomDispatch that suggested Americans are all POWs now.  Follow this link (http://untoldpacific.com/americans-are-all-prisoners-of-war/) and click on play.

One of my better podcasts (6/23/19) is with Scott Carrier at his site, “Home of the Brave.”  Follow this link (http://homebrave.com/home-of-the-brave//lets-talk-about-not-going-to-war) and click on play.  This is how Scott Carrier described our interview:

Stories about going to war come from the top down, from media corporations that manufacture consent for war among the people. Stories about not going to war move from the bottom up, starting in conversations between family and friends, people speaking out for no money but just because they feel obligated to speak. In this approach there’s a shift in context where fear is taken out of the narrative—we are not being attacked, maybe these people are not our enemy. Maybe the real enemy is our government and our media that are being controlled by the military industrial complex. I believe bottom up stories can break apart the power structure coming down from above, so this is one of them.

For my interview with Howard Bryant on the militarization of sports on the NPR show, “Only A Game,” go to http://www.wbur.org/onlyagame/2018/07/20/military-sports-astore-francona or this link.  For a video on the same subject that features Howard Bryant with a few words by me, see https://vimeo.com/281817132/0dd80c2855 or this link.

My most recent radio interview (6/19) is on air power myths and realities.  It’s with Scott Horton at Antiwar.com, “The Dark Side of Air Power.”  Follow this link.

For another interview with Scott Horton (8/8/2017) on the Afghan war and Trump’s skepticism about the same, follow this link, or copy and paste the following address:


Two months earlier, I did a podcast (6/8/2017) with Burt Cohen on my article on America’s real red scare: the ways in which the USA is increasingly coming to resemble the former USSR. Here’s the link and address for that:

More Than Just Hacking; We’ve Become Like The Soviets

I did a podcast with Chauncey DeVega, columnist at Salon.com, in November 2016 in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory.  The link to that podcast is here.

From 2010 to 2012, I did six podcasts for TomDispatch.com related to articles I wrote for the site. Here they are in chronological order. The interviewer was Timothy MacBain. Each interview was roughly ten minutes in length.

https://archive.org/details/ForcedOut   (1/6/2010)  Is the U.S. military the greatest force for human liberation, and the finest fighting force, in world history?  I argue here against hyperbolic statements of the goodness as well as the military effectiveness of U.S. military interventions.

https://archive.org/details/HeroTodayGoneTomorrow   (7/20/2010)  Should all American troops be referred to as “heroes”?  I argue that they shouldn’t be, partly for the benefit of the troops themselves.

https://archive.org/details/TomcastForOctober312010AnOfficerAndAJournalist   (10/31/2010)  How I became a so-called outspoken military critic, and why it’s so difficult to speak out, especially when you’re still wearing the uniform.

https://archive.org/details/TomcastForFebruary202011AVowAgainstSilence    (2/20/2011) More thoughts on the difficulty of speaking one’s mind in the military, as well as what it means to truly “support” our troops.

https://archive.org/details/TomcastForJanuary242012WeaponsrUs   (1/24/2012)  On my fascination with weaponry as a young boy, as well as America’s ongoing fascination with weaponry as a sign of prowess, power, and worthiness.

https://archive.org/details/TomcastForMay152012Defense2012   (5/15/2012)  Thoughts on the presidential election of 2012, and why the real winner won’t be Mitt Romney or Barack Obama but rather the Pentagon and the Department of Defense, along with military contractors and corporations.

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