Orwell Is Alive and Well in the U.S. and Russia

W.J. Astore

There’s considerable support in the U.S. for “No-Fly” zones in Ukraine. It’s a fine Orwellian turn of phrase: by some kind of magic, we simply won’t allow Russian warplanes to fly over key areas in Ukraine. And Russia will be happy to respect our no-fly zones because that’s how wars work. War is always predictable, calm, rational, and moderate, and countries at war are always tolerant of other countries dictating terms on where and when they can fly and fight.

What’s amazing is the number of people, including members of Congress, who have no idea that no-fly zones mean engaging directly in conventional war with Russia: killing Russian air crews in air-to-air combat, clearly an act of war, and one that would escalate quickly as both sides took losses.

Here’s one member of Congress who supports a no-fly zone without even knowing what it is and what it implies:

Well, “freedom isn’t free.” So on we go to World War III.

Then there’s the Orwellian turn of phrase by the Russians that their invasion of Ukraine is really just a “special” operation, a conceit I’ve seen mocked on Facebook with this illustration:

Of course, Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace,” and the changed title is mildly humorous. But let’s not limit this critique to Russia. Think of all those lovely military “operations” that the U.S. military has launched over the years, such as Operation Enduring Freedom for the Afghan invasion beginning in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom for the Iraq invasion in 2003. We are far better than the Russians at camouflaging our wars as “operations.” Indeed, at least the Russians didn’t describe their invasion as “Operation Ukrainian Freedom.” So take that, Russia! We still overmatch you in Orwellian terms.

Dishonesty of language isn’t just mendacious: it’s downright dangerous.

Finally, remember when nuclear war and World War III was supposed to be the end result of the madness of evil geniuses, Dr. Strangelove-like figures? What if World War III is the end result of ignorant dumbasses who think nuclear annihilation is worth it because “freedom isn’t free”?

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  1. I guess I didn’t realize the sheer ignorance of some of the Congresscritters. I mean, don’t they have access to pretty much unlimited information? Staffs to research anything and everything? Of course, I knew that many are willfully ignorant; that is, they refuse to look at facts and/or they embrace wingnut theories. But for an elected representative to openly admit to having no knowledge of a thing but still support it?? No wonder our world is becoming more Orwellian by the day.

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    1. It’s not “ignorance,” Denise. Because, as You say, they have virtually unlimited access to information. It is simply reading the scripts and following the orders of their owners and operators.

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  2. “The Living will Envy the Dead” Damn straight! And.., Nuclear Winter anyone? I am very afraid of a Minute-man lll Mirv. H-Bomb Cluster, and I’ve seen, touched, and worked/ lived it in my Air Force days– the Missiles– Launch Control Facilities, or LCF’s. for short Mil. efficiency in my penal servitude for SAC the Strategic Air Command for the uninitiated. F.Y.I. the “Russkies” of Dr. Strangelove fame have an entire Arsenal of them ready to drop all over Europe, and the United States. A Nuke can raze and release an incredible amount of energy like our Star “Old Sol” in brightness and heat to melt and incinerate in a millionth of a second whole Cities & humans in them…Plus do damage in a radius of 100 KM if not more if you are lucky enough to be in the epicenter because you will want it that way a quick & merciful death! Paris, London, Rome, NYC you can forget about forevermore. You will be melted and vaporized. Remember temps. similar to our Sun! You can take refuge in your Attic, Cellar, or makeshift bomb shelter for all that’s worth, but even if you survive the initial nuclear flash and explosion you will have to deal with contaminated air and a process that can take days that will hurt your whole body that will lead to burns, or you could die from excruciating Cancers. The power of the explosions could obscure the Sun for Decades to come! Upsetting the Climate and eco-systems of our fragile planet all around the world. We could sure use a man like Dr. Carl Sagan again.

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    1. Heh. And i remember during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis having air raid drills where we hid under our desks until the All Clear sounded.

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      1. As do I.
        It seems some people are still that naive, if they don’t consider the futility of the action. Or just stupid enough to believe it won’t affect them. I guess I know some that might fit either category.


  3. Whatever one’s view of Russia and Ukraine in this conflict, and the history and reality of how we got to this place is more complex than the simple tale told by the MSM, it’s probably best to recall the adage that truth is the first casualty of war. That even Congress types that have seen war (though there are precious few of them) still agitate for a “humanitarian” no-fly zone is terrifying.

    One of my former jobs (decades ago) was operationally supporting the Navy’s strategic nuclear deterrent. Once you’ve see the map of the target areas, your perspective changes forever.


  4. You NAILED that one, Colonel. You and Jimmy Dore, both. Thank You.

    That whole video can be reduced to two very simple sentences:

    1. If You support a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine, You support a War between Russia and the United States.
    2. If there is going to be a No-Fly Zone and thus a War, then Congress needs to vote on a formal Declaration of War against Russia.

    And speaking of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” [O.I.F.], word is that the original handle for the search for Saddam’s WMDs was “Operation Iraqi Liberation,” until somebody in the Pentagon noted the delightful irony.


  5. Our representatives were summed up by Dylan in his song Desolation Row: “They are spoon feeding Casanova to get him to feel more self assured, then they’ll kill him with self confidence after poisoning him with words”

    ‘They’ are all the MIC lobbyists. Casanova all the ignorant representatives who believe the poisoned words and are now confident they know something.

    At the time of Casanova’s birth, the city of Venice thrived as the pleasure capital of Europe, ruled by political and religious conservatives who tolerated social vices and encouraged tourism. It was a required stop on the Grand Tour, traveled by young men coming of age, especially men from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The famed Carnival, gambling houses, and beautiful courtesans were powerful drawing cards. This was the milieu that bred Casanova and made him its most famous and representative citizen. From Wikipedia


    1. That’s exactly what Israel did when it shot down 7 Syrian jet fighters in Syria on April 7 196, and then started the larger 6 Day War by destroying the Egyptian Air Force while it’s planes were on the ground and not on a War footing on June 5, 1967.

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    1. US/Western War Propaganda do not report it, but the Ukrainian government increased shelling of the Donbas BEFORE the Russian incursion into Ukraine February 24.
      We saw the images of those War refugees going to Russia but paid no attention to it like we stopped reporting on the dark shinned refugees from the illegal US Wars in the Middle East


    2. What is your definition of “Neo-Nazi”?

      In addition to your definition, I would hope you could answer some of these questions for me:
      * How many Jews, Socialists, gays and lesbians, mentally and physically disabled, and Roma has Zelensky and his predecessors rounded up? How many have been killed or are being used as slave labor?
      * When did the Ukrainian oath of service change to include swearing obedience to the President himself?
      * What territories has Ukraine invaded and annexed?
      * When was the Ukrainian parliament suspended and all executive power invested in the leader figure?
      * What group or organization within Ukraine to you consider to be the equivalent of the Gestapo?

      Charging someone or a group of people with being neo-Nazi is a serious accusation. I look forward to your answers.


      1. Bentonian: you like to demand answers from my readers. Why don’t you provide your definition of neo-Nazi?

        Your questions, of course, are related to what the Nazis of the Third Reich did. Neo-Nazis, keeping it simple, share with those Nazis the general tenets of fascism, a politics from the far right based on hyper-nationalism and often driven by White supremacy, violence, and extremism/militarism.

        Neo-Nazi isn’t the same as Nazi, so your questions are irrelevant. Give us your definition, then explain why Ukraine doesn’t meet it. Take a clear stand.


        1. Bill, this is from encyclopedia .dot .com….. I think this best describes the modern meaning of “neo-Nazi”….

          “The neo-Nazi movement finds its ideological base in fascism, which is the political philosophy that Hitler based the Nazi party on in his rise to power. Fascism is based upon a notion that the government should be allowed to control all aspects of the lives of the people living in that society. Fascism distinguishes itself from other political ideologies by placing the needs of the state or nation over the needs of the individual and that the citizens should be loyal to a single leader.

          Within the fascist model and within the understanding that has been adopted by neo-Nazism, adherents to the government should be willing to use violence and all tools of propaganda or censorship to deal with social or political opposition. The state is entitled to exercise economic or social restraints on the citizenry and retains the right to police people living within the system as it sees fit in the best interests of the future of the state.”

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          1. Thank You DM, now we have a working definition. That definition could apply very nicely to Russia and the United States of America!


        2. To that definition I would add the appropriation of Nazi symbols, imagery, and ideology. Neo-Nazis typically aren’t shy about identifying themselves, especially when they have strength in numbers.


        3. I disagree, in argument the one who makes a claim is the one who must present evidence that it is true. The one who questions a conclusion may present evidence that refutes the conclusion, but if he is asking for clarification of a term or evidence from the claimant, then the claimant must do that.


        4. I do want answers when people make patently ridiculous claims. I challenge the notion that just because someone contributes to an echo chamber all they will hear back is soothing pablum.

          But you don’t like it when I do that. You want me to provide both the question (which goes unanswered by the person to whom it was addressed, btw), as well as my own answers. Fine.

          “Neo” means “new.” It doesn’t mean “something like” or “vaguely similar.” A “new Nazi” regime would carry out the policies and actions of the old Nazi regime. A Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime would be performing the same actions, or very close to those same actions, as the old Nazi regime. The Ukrainian government is not doing so, and (as far as I can see) had no intention of doing so.

          I think what you, professor, and your followers are trying to say is something more like this:
          There are elements within Ukrainian society that have adopted (to your point) derivative slogans, symbols, and attitudes from the Nazi regime. And that’s it. It is disappointing and potentially dangerous, but it is not representative of the Ukrainian government.

          Is the Ukrainian government neo-Nazi? Not even close. Referencing Mr. Merwood’s research, is it fascist? Not even close. Not an ideal democracy, of course, but nowhere close to the Italian and German regimes that launched the term some hundred years ago.

          Soon, of course, there won’t be any Ukrainian government, only a Russian puppet regime. No doubt there will be great rejoicing on this forum.

          I don’t know why some of your followers are so beholden to demagoguery that demonizes a fledging democracy like Ukraine. Perhaps you know that answer, and might even share it someday.

          I will not be here to see it. Agreement, not debate, is the norm here. Just flash those MSM and MIC acronyms, and all is well.

          I withdraw, sir. The field is yours.


          1. I can only speak for myself. What I hope for is a diplomatic settlement in Ukraine that ends the war and the killing. I do not want “a Russian puppet regime,” and obviously they’ll be no “great rejoicing” by me if that happens.

            Your definition of neo-Nazi is very narrow. You are saying neo-Nazi is the same as Nazi; that neo-Nazis will follow nearly the same policies and actions of the Third Reich. I find this definition to be too narrow.

            I do not seek “agreement” at this site; in fact, I value a wide range of opinions. What I find, however, is that people are often unwilling to tolerate the views of others. They don’t like being challenged or questioned. So they leave, as is their prerogative.

            I wish you luck in finding sites more open to debate and more congenial to your views.

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          2. You will be missed. I hope you reconsider. I liked your posts and found them interesting. This site needs diverse opinions that are well thought out and documented with sound evidence; otherwise it is an echo chamber or a venting chamber.
            This particular topic of Ukraine vs. Russia has been especially tough on everyone here because it is such a can of worms and so graphic. This has been as much an exercise in tolerating opposite views as trying to get clarity on what is happening.
            Let’s all agree to disagree respectfully and with dispassion.


  6. A comment I like on the anti-war dot com site today…..

    “And here I thought senility was the main problem amongst our congressional idiots.
    Rep Maria Salazar says she supports a No Fly Zone in Ukraine even though she doesn’t “know what it would mean” before adding “freedom is not free”
    When asked if the US should shoot down Russian planes she says “of course!”
    Seriously? People voted for her?”

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  7. ‘This Ain’t Putin’s Price Hike: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix’

    Higher fuel and food prices are a sacrifice I’m prepared to make in exchange for a greatly increased likelihood of nuclear armageddon.

    Let’s be clear: you’re not paying more for necessities to punish Putin and save Ukraine, you’re paying more for necessities to fund an economic war of unprecedented scale geared toward collapsing Russia to help secure US unipolar domination of this planet.

    It’s not “Putin’s price hike”. This was all orchestrated by the empire, from root to flower. The goal is to use economic warfare and a costly counterinsurgency against western-backed Ukrainians to either collapse and balkanize the Russian Federation or foment enough discontent to secure regime change in Moscow. This is because Putin refuses to kiss the imperial ring.

    The western empire could not possibly care less about Ukrainians beyond the extent to which they can be used to roll out this agenda. There hasn’t been nearly enough public rage about the fact that the US government knew this war was coming, knew exactly how to prevent it with very low-cost concessions to Moscow, and chose not to. They made that choice in order to advance this agenda…………..



  8. Another great YouTube post explaining why imposing a No-Fly Zone would lead to escalation of the conflict and possibly WW111. This one from a military perspective.


  9. Another comment on anti-war dot com that makes sense to me….

    “The Pentagon is trying to mislead by pretending it’s worried that Russia would respond with a nuclear attack when overpowered by US’s supremacy in conventional air war. There is no such supremacy so close to Russia. What they’re worried is that when everyone sees the US loses a conventional war to Russia so close to Russia, the same people pressuring the US to go to war would then want to escalate to nuclear. It’s the US that would be pressured to use nuclear. Russia has a 2nd-strike capability that will lead to M.A.D., and it can happen very quickly. This was the presumed escalation throughout the cold war and it’s the same today.”


  10. I know that most of the comments today have been about the war and the reaction to the war, but I would like to address your actual thesis. If I have your reasoning correct, you see the Ukraine invasion spawning a lot of nonsense from people who don’t know and won’t learn. You call the language they’re using “Orwellian.”

    I understand if you haven’t actually read Orwell in a while – even though it is a short book, it is so unrelentingly bleak that it makes for a tough session. But in Orwell’s world language wasn’t simply used to obfuscate a harsh reality, the way “no-fly zone” or “special military operation” does. All sides in the conflict choose their words to support policy stances that they advocate. If using euphemisms serve that purpose, than that is what they do.

    But everyone still believes in words like war, refugee, shooting, killing, invasion, and genocide. The same people who use a euphemism like “collateral damage” to advocate for drone strikes have no problem using words like “dead children” when they oppose someone else using drones.

    In Orwell’s world language was being truncated so that thought itself would become impossible! The “Ingsoc dictionary” of which O’Brian and the party is so proud becomes shorter with every edition. The dictionary becomes shorter as words with any real meaning are removed, to be replaced with the blandest synonyms possible. Thus “bad” becomes “ungood,” and “horrific” becomes “double-plus-ungood.” The very idea of revolution, independent thought, and life without the party eventually becomes literally unthinkable, because there will be no words to express those thoughts.

    The language being used around the Ukraine situation is not Orwellian, it is simply duplicitous, as the use of language always has been and will be.

    Ironically the closest thing we have to true language reduction today are the continuing (and wildly successful) efforts by the progressives to eliminate the capacity to express negative thoughts about race, age, body type, mental and physical capabilities, religion, and a host of other categories. That is true Orwellian thought control.


    1. Yes, I wrote about this aspect of “1984” here: https://bracingviews.com/2016/04/21/unquestionably-syme-will-be-vaporized-lessons-from-orwells-1984/

      The term “Orwellian” doesn’t just refer to “1984,” however. I use it also in the sense of what Orwell denounced in his famous essay, “Politics and the English Language.” https://www.orwell.ru/library/essays/politics/english/e_polit

      Here, Orwell talks about euphemism, duplicity, dishonesty, and similar “political” uses to which words and phrases are put, notably in the context of war.


  11. From the New York Times:

    “National heroes sometimes have humble political origins.

    Abraham Lincoln was arguably the country’s least-qualified president — a former one-term member of Congress — at the time that he took office. Winston Churchill looked like a washed-up politician when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. And Volodymyr Zelensky did not seem like an international symbol of courage when Russia began threatening to invade Ukraine in recent months.”

    So, Zelensky is the equivalent of Lincoln and Churchill? OK …


  12. ‘Big Brave Keyboard Warriors: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix’

    The only real anti-war position on the Ukraine conflict is support for de-escalation, diplomacy, and detente. Yelling “PUTIN BAD” and calling for escalations that could lead to a very fast, very radioactive WWIII are not anti-war, and indeed such sentiments are being exploited to prolong this war.

    No efforts are being made toward diplomacy and peace, only toward escalations like building an insurgency and unprecedented economic warfare which fit perfectly into pre-existing US agendas against Russia. This is in the exact opposite direction of peace.

    De-escalation is a skill we’re meant to start learning in kindergarten. These people act like they learned their de-escalation skills in the Minneapolis Police Department.

    If you want to keep screaming that Putin is Adolf Hitler and even insignificant concessions like promising not to add Ukraine to NATO would be Chamberlainesque “appeasement” then go ahead, but don’t pretend you’re anti-war or pro-peace, because you’re not.

    Wars end in one of two ways: with diplomacy and negotiation, or with mountains of corpses. If you’re opposed to any kind of negotiation with Moscow to bring about peace, then you want the latter. And if you do, you should get your bitch ass on a plane and join the front lines.

    Ukraine is still accepting foreign volunteer recruits. Go on all you brave blue-and-yellow keyboard warriors who scream at anyone who calls for negotiations with Russia to end this war. Put your life where your tweets are.

    Condemning Putin is the easiest, safest, most redundant, least courageous thing that anyone in the western world can do right now. What’s a lot harder at the current moment is taking a bold stand against the west’s depraved role in getting this war started and in keeping it going.

    Demands that you precede every criticism of the west’s role in this war with an enthusiastic condemnation of Putin are just vapid tone policing to silence your very valid criticisms. Nobody truly believes there’s not enough condemnation of Putin in our current media environment. They just want you to shut up………………



  13. I have avoided writing anything on recent events in Ukraine thus far, partly because I wanted to see how events were panning out, partly because I still don’t quite understand how this all fits in with the two year Globalist PsyOp that ended abruptly on 24th February – the same day as the Russian military operation started, as coincidence would have it – but mainly because the experience of trying to write rational analysis in the midst of propaganda that would have made the editors of Pravda blush is no easy task.

    As a brief defence against those who will inevitably smear my attempts to analyse the context behind all this as somehow pro-Russian, let me ask them not to bother. I really don’t even understand the frame of reference, since I don’t view the world in the absurd black hat/white hat terms that lead to such jibes. And in any case, I am pro-God and pro-Truth, as well as being a patriotic Englishman who writes on such topics because he believes this once green and pleasant land is now run by terminally foolish clowns and Globalist ideologues who do not govern for the people but in the interests of others. I would also point out that I was writing about atrocities committed against Ukrainians years before it became fashionable to do so. However, unfortunately it seems I was supporting the wrong Ukrainians — the ones nobody cares about — in the Donbass, who have been killed, terrorised and forced to leave the country by their own brutal Government for eight years, with some even deliberately burned alive by the neo-Nazis formations that apparently don’t exist. Those caveats aside, let’s press on.

    For most Westerners, it appears that the current conflict suddenly dropped from the sky one morning in February 2022. They woke up to hear about a Russian invasion, and without any prior knowledge or context, having been denied this for years by their so-called free press, simply accepted the narrative thrown at them that this invasion was utterly unprovoked — the brainchild of a madman who wishes to recreate Hammer and Sickle Land again.

    None of this is remotely true. Whatever the actual reasons for invading at this particular time — and I don’t believe for one moment that we have the full picture yet — this conflict most certainly did not drop out of the sky or from the ravings of a lunatic on 24th February 2022. No, it is part of a sequence of events that was set off years ago, particularly in 2014, which were clearly destined to reshape the world. As I wrote back in September 2014:

    “I believe this crisis to be the defining crisis of the 21st Century so far. … It is also something that may well define the shape of the planet for the rest of the century — whether we are left with a unipolar world … or whether we see a new multipolar world emerging … It is in a very real sense the key battle between globalisation and national sovereignty.”…………………………….



    1. Sadly, or cynically, I was thinking today that America’s “experts” are probably chortling that it’s a “win-win” when Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Russian commies fight and kill each other.

      Of course, I reject that idea and the caricature of neo-Nazis vs. commies. But it is true that people are profiting from this war, and, as this clip shows, the U.S. armaments industry is a big winner indeed.

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  14. Living alone with my 3 cats, I listened to this 50 minute radio broadcast with Russian expert Gilbert Doctorow in a rational discussion of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and to caution against the wild demands of armchair warriors on the Internet who seem oblivious to the dangers involved in escalation.
    I really didn’t learn anything new but he affirmed what what I came to understand in the Russia-Ukraine-US conflict independently as an amateur.

    I just received this reply from the 13th US Senator and the 8th using a regular email address, not the character restricting embedded Office email system.
    Not surprisingly, he also used the same anti-Russia/Putin talking points as the others.

    He and/or his Office Staff are asleep leading to the Abyss. This is the 1st line in the Message I sent, “As a World Citizen Child of God at 77, and a Canadian, I sent the same Message to all 100 Senators November 5,8,15 &16, not as Representatives of Local Parochial interests, but as National and International Leaders.”

    It’s beyond me understanding how the last sentence made it into the Senator’s reply,
    March 14, 2022

    Mr. Ray Joseph Cormier
    3000 West Scenic Drive
    North Little Rock, AR 72118-3347

    Dear Ray Joseph:

    Thank you for contacting me about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s good to hear from you, as always.

    Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked act of aggression. Since the invasion began, we have witnessed the Ukrainian people’s inspiring resolve to defend their country. Everyday citizens have taken up arms, from mothers using Molotov cocktails to grandfathers training with AK-47s. The resistance and courage of the Ukrainian people is heroic. I join all Arkansans in praying for their victory.

    The United States and our allies have rallied to support Ukraine by sending weapons and supplies to the Ukrainian military. Our government also has sanctioned Russian banks and oligarchs to punish Russia for its aggression. These sanctions are welcome, but there is more to be done. We must enact biting sanctions on Putin’s oil and gas industry—his largest source of revenue. At the same time, President Biden must reverse his radical environmental policies and allow American energy companies to produce additional oil and gas to replace Russian energy on world markets. Further, the White House must accelerate the delivery of weapons, supplies, and intelligence to the Ukrainian military to allow them to continue defending their homeland.

    Vladimir Putin has turned Russia into a pariah state. It’s time for the world, and especially President Biden, to treat it like one. Rest assured, I will do everything in my power to help the Ukrainian people resist this assault and punish the Russian government for this heinous crime.

    I’m honored to serve as your senator. You, your family, and our state will remain on my mind and close to my heart in my work. Always feel free to call my office at (202) 224-2353 or visit http://www.cotton.senate.gov. Be sure to drop by my office and say hello if you ever visit our nation’s capital.


    Tom Cotton
    United States Senator


  15. “Here’s one member of Congress who supports a no-fly zone without even knowing what it is and what it implies:” this was really funny. People are idiots. Now, I applaud you for mentioning the Iraq war and all the bullshit that embellished it. Very sad. I guess we didn’t look hard enough for the weapons of mass destruction.


  16. The thing about Orwell’s “1984” is most everyone is familiar with the title, with the phrase “Big Brother is Watching,” and has a (however vague) notion of what is meant by “Orwellian,” without having ever read the book. They’ve no idea of what goes on within its pages. Or, that though Airstrip One is England, Orwell – without having ever been to America – felt the scenario laid out in “1984” was more likely to take place in the USA.
    So … Life imitating Art? The government, its corporate sponsors, and the military with its “Central Command” talk would certainly seem Orwellian.
    But then, trying to deal with them with their myriad forms and ever-shifting rules and procedures is a whole lot like Kafka’s “The Castle.”
    Life imitating Art, strike two?
    Anyone have a third strike? “Animal Farm’s” “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” comes to mind, but there’s bound to be someone other than Orwell …

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    1. “WE hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Nice ideal, but long before ‘Animal Farms’ Black slaves were not endowed with those same inalienable Rights creating the wealth of the US at it’s very inception.

      That’s why there was not the continuous emotional pap White Societies are getting with US/NATO War Propaganda denied the brown shinned WAR REFUGEES from the US WARS in the Middle East that are in violation of the same International Law Russia is accused of violating.



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