Bernie and Biden: The Debate

In a recent speech in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden said he wouldn’t ban fracking. For some people in PA, fracking has been a major money maker. For others, it’s brought noise, nuisance, and environmental disaster. Biden took a firm stance: he’s for it!

Yet, just a few months ago, in his debate with Bernie Sanders, Biden took a firm stance against fracking. As I wrote back then, Biden was likely faking left so he could run right. And indeed that’s what he’s doing now: running to the right, dodging progressives, or stiff-arming them, searching for elusive centrist supporters who will escort him over the goal line to the presidency.

Why should we support you, Joe, when all you do is spout BS?

Bracing Views

again Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in 2019

W.J. Astore

In last night’s debate, Joe Biden ran away from his own record.  Suddenly, Biden is against fracking.  He’s for Elizabeth Warren’s education plan.  He’s against subsidies for fossil fuels.  He’s for a $15 minimum wage.  He’s against Super PACs and for public funding of elections.  He’s never tried to cut social security.  Just about the only progressive policy he remains against is Medicare for All, which he says is simply too expensive to countenance.

Biden also wanted to drive the narrative by saying he was picking a woman as vice president and a black female as the next justice to the Supreme Court (Anita Hill, perhaps?).  I’m not sure why Biden thought a female VP-candidate was such a big deal; Walter Mondale picked Geraldine Ferraro in 1984, and of course Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016.  Months ago, I foresaw…

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10 thoughts on “Bernie and Biden: The Debate

    1. It’s not up to me to offer options. It’s up to those who seek our vote to offer options.

      Biden is a typical duplicitous politician who can’t be trusted. Trump is a corrupt and belligerent con man who’ll say or do almost anything in the cause of winning. Those are the “options” presented to us by the DNC and RNC.

      Isn’t it time we as voters demanded better options?


  1. The obvious option is Hawkins. So many American voters remind me of sheep, who, once at the voting booth, puzzle and anguish over the choice of rabid wolf, or, ravenous wolf in tattered sheep’s clothing, and do not even consider the choice of good shepherd. Duh!!!


    1. Not so obvious as concerns Howie Hawkins.

      I voted for Dr Jill Stein of the Green Party for President in 2016, in part because she advocated cutting the absurd and bloated Pentagram “war” budget by 50% which I thought would at least begin the process of demobilization from WWII. She also didn’t engage in the pathetic Red-baiting/Russia-gating that has consumed the Democratic Party for the past four years. I checked up on Howie Hawkins, the Green Party’s 2020 candidate for President and, unfortunately, discovered that he disagreed with Dr Jill Stein in regards to her policy of co-operation with Russia. He sounded to me just like a typical Democrat doing his absurd Tricky Dick Nixon – Tailgunner Joe McCarthy imitation (which the Republicans will never allow the “less-enthusiastic right-wing” Democrats, let alone the Greens, to steal from them). So, no Green Party vote from me as long as Howie Hawkins heads up the ticket. Too bad. I expected better of the Green Party.

      As far as the animal metaphors go, the Russia-gating/China-bashing candidates on offer — at least as concerns the R-D-G candidates — seem like, respectively, a sheep in wolf’s clothing, a sheep in dog’s clothing, and a in sheep in goat’s clothing — meaning that the real wolves, the generals and admirals (active duty or “retired”), will go on eating sheep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as long as Americans keep electing Wolf-loving sheep to head up their pathetic excuse for a “government.”

      Like my favorite lady Australian artist/journalist, Caitlin Johnstone writes: You Can Have Peace Or The US Empire. You Can’t Have Both.


      1. Michael Murray, you write that you supported Jill Stein and her policy of 50% reduction of the US war budget, and that you are in favor of cutting the budget for the US war machine, but you do not support Howie Hawkins, whose platform calls for 75% reduction of the US war budget. I find your position therefore inconsistent and puzzling.

        Re Russia, my understanding of Howie’s platform, from reading his website and from conversation with him, is that he does not think that Putin is beyond reproach– far from it. Putin behaves like a plutocratic, sociopathic dictator. It’s not that Howie is anti-Russia, it’s that Howie is anti-sociopath, anti-dictator. Myself, I do not have a problem with that stance.

        Neither does Jill Stein, apparently. She’s been unequivocally supporting the Howie Hawkins candidacy.


  2. I hate to say this but we’re in a time where decent people, HAVE to vote Biden. Biden’s BS is a heck of a lot better (exponentially) than Trump’s BS. Biden, while certainly not perfect, at the very least, has a heart, shows empathy, will believe scientific experts, and surround himself with competent people. He knows the drill and can try to mend fences with international relations. Though it may take more than four years to fix the damage Trump has sewn! I have never been a Biden fan but I do think he’ll know what he’s doing and, at the very very least, will not IGNORE the countries major problems as if they didn’t exist. This election is literally, I believe, USA’ s most defining moment. All discussions of other candidates strengths and weaknesses, DNC, RNC is over for now. After the election, we can all go back to, armchair quarterbacking political points. Soul search America! Right now, two elective choices: DEVIL or NOT PERFECT BUT NOT THE DEVIL You know who they are.

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    1. Yes, you don’t get many, or perhaps any, saints in politics. For me, it’s the lawless con man (loco-man) versus the same old soiled and stuffed shirt (SOSSS). What a choice! Perhaps if I vote for SOSSS it’ll be seen as a cry for help. 🙂


      1. But it isn’t. There is an obvious great choice. You are just choosing to ignore it. And the country suffers due to this insistence on ignoring an excellent choice (Hawkins) who is there, and lamenting the dilemma that does not actually exist except for cognitive rigidity & self-defeating behavior.


  3. I’m just thinking of who I want to have holding the Nuclear Codes for the pivotal next four tears, and I know who’ll get mine…


    1. “Tears” a possible Freudian Slip “Years”- typo, but I do think Trump is becoming increasingly unhinged, and the Pandemic with its associative stress & pressure hasn’t helped!


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