Trump is a Trump Supremacist

He soars over all of us

W.J. Astore

Over at ABC News, an article asks whether Donald Trump is a white supremacist.  Bernie Sanders thinks so.  Elizabeth Warren does too.

I’m not so sure.  Trump sounds like a white supremacist.  His rhetoric encourages white supremacists.  He has a long history of bigotry and racism.  QED?

I’m hesitant to say it’s proven, but I know one thing is certain: Trump is a Trump supremacist.

A self-confessed “very stable genius.”  A man without a racist bone in his body.  The least racist person you’ll ever meet, according to Trump himself.  A president who ranks himself as roughly equal to Abraham Lincoln, considered by most historians to have been America’s finest president.

Vanity, thy name is Trump.  And because Trump is a white male, ipso facto white men are supreme; they must be, because Trump is one of them, indeed the finest example of them, at least in his own mind.

So, I think it’s tempting yet too simplistic to say Trump is a white supremacist.  Trump is a Trump supremacist.  Everyone else is inferior to Trump, some more so than others.  The less you look like Trump, or act like Trump, the less he thinks of you.  Thus it’s no surprise he surrounds himself with mostly white men, many with dubious pasts of sexism or racism.  To Trump, these are not disqualifiers.  How could they be?  He’s sexist and racist, so how can that ultimately be a bad thing?

From his lofty perch as the greatest human in all of history, Trump looks down on all of us.  He just sneers a bit more if you’re brown or black or less than 100% boorishly male.

2 thoughts on “Trump is a Trump Supremacist

  1. I would agree with you first and last President Agent Orange is his own Supremacist. Failures are brushed aside, excuses are made, or lies are told. President Agent Orange is doing what he has all his life – Conning people. Pastor Pence is a useful dupe. However, Pastor Pence and others in his cabinet or high command, including family achieves their own goals in the process.

    “Trump will be trying to grab the headlines and portray himself as a leader,” said Julianne Smith, a former senior national security official in the Obama White House. “We will see a series of rash and reckless moves and a lot more drama in the next 18 months. So hold on to your hats.”

    I would say Smith is correct in her observation. An interesting note, I read concerns the Chinese. The Chinese will most likely not go along with any deal President Agent Orange wants. They see a second term President Agent Orange as more destructive than the first term to their long term interests.


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