Yes, Trump is a Racist

Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower
Trump on the down escalator toward American carnage, 2015

W.J. Astore

Yes, Donald Trump is a racist.  His attacks on four Democratic Congresswomen of color are only the most recent illustration of this.  Trump, of course, is also an opportunist.  A conniver.  An exploiter.  Unless it backfires, he’ll keep using racism.  It fires up his “base” and distracts from the looting his family and administration are actively engaged in.

Trump intuitively grasped a painful reality that Norman Mailer wrote about in 1968.  Inspired by Richard Nixon’s campaign, Mailer wrote that “political power of the most frightening sort was obviously waiting for the first demagogue who would smash the obsession and free the white man of his guilt [of slavery and racism and their legacies].  Torrents of energy would be loosed, yes, those same torrents which Hitler had freed in the Germans when he exploded their ten-year obsession with whether they had lost the war [World War I] through betrayal or through material weakness.  Through betrayal, Hitler had told them: Germans were actually strong and good.  The consequences would never be counted.”

Immediately after writing this, Mailer said:

“Now if suburban America was not waiting for Georgie Wallace, it might still be waiting for Super-Wallace.”

Enter Candidate Trump on his escalator, railing against Mexicans as rapists and killers.  Stoking fear and bigotry against people of color.  He did it, guiltlessly, because it worked.  And it proved a balm to so many in his base, who could now vent their racism because a rich White man like Trump had given them cover, permission, even a mandate.

Recall Mailer’s words: “The consequences [of unleashing guilt-free racism in America] would never be counted.”  We’ve been experiencing these consequences since Trump rode that escalator down and unleashed his own brand of American carnage.  We will continue to experience them even when Trump is finally out of office and long dead.  Because Trump isn’t guilty alone.  He needs followers willing to embrace his lies, his vitriol, his hateful speech.

Isn’t it time we rejected Trump, and all his words and works, and all his empty promises?

14 thoughts on “Yes, Trump is a Racist

  1. It would be nice, but I don’t think it’ll happen, barring some economic fiasco.

    I just returned from a trip to what’s considered prime Trump territory. Yes, there were plenty of red-capped Trumpites. But they weren’t the majority of people there. Most people I came across found Trump’s words distasteful, but it just doesn’t affect them. They rolled their eyes and said things like, “what a dumb thing to say,” before getting on with their lives. The truth of America is this: the average joe just does not care unless it affects his wallet. Trump says something racist? “Well, I’d never say something like that.” But as long as people can march to Best Buy for an 80-inch TV, it doesn’t matter to them who’s in the White House. Rich people get richer? “Well, son, that’s how it’s ALWAYS been.” The angst portrayed by the Twitterati in no way reflects the reality of the electorate; Aunt Emma does not have a twitter account and doesn’t comment on blogs.

    Add to that the fact that the Democrats are in full circular-firing-squad mode and, well, welcome to 4 more years of Trump.

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  2. Fanboy Fascism

    The Donald Mussolini
    Whipped out his little weenie
    And grabbed himself some pussy ’cause he could.

    His worshippers forgave him,
    And claimed that Christ would save him
    So he could make more money. Rich men should.

    He posed for pictures sneering
    To sounds of raucous cheering
    By those who love him looking down his nose

    At those he labels “losers,”
    The “winners”: their abusers,
    On whose behalf he gives us all the hose.

    He feeds on adulation
    And represents a nation
    With pampered demographics in decline:

    Those types who find it galling
    That they should now fear falling
    Out of their class – for they are next in line.

    And so their anger festers
    Abetted by court jesters:
    Republicans and Democrats by name

    Whose culture-war distractions
    Reveal two right-wing factions:
    One bought, one rented. “Different,” but the same.

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright © 2019

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  3. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.
    H. L. Mencken
    Americans never came to grips or had to answer for the inhumanity of slavery or the genocidal wars against the Native Americans. Jim Crow and Manifest Destiny were the overt attempts to maintain White Supremacy for the 1 %.

    With President Agent Orange you not only have the appeals to racism, and male dominated supremacy, Pastor Pence brought along the evangelicals who do not want religious freedom, they want to turn America into a theocracy.

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      1. Correction. The operative corporate-totalitarian slogan should read:

        “Agree with Republicans or you’ll get Democrats who do.”

        Or, as my favorite Australian rogue journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, says: “Don’t like how things are run? Here, vote for our other puppet.”

        There you have your political-economic “choice,” America. Take it or Take it.

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    1. I forget exactly whom, but some witty person said of the selected replacement for, first, Vice President Spiro Agnew and, then, President Richard Nixon: “We are raised to believe that any one of us can grow up to be President. And now, with Gerald Ford, any one of us is.”

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  4. Love the quote – and so true! Hillary? Another disaster: We’d be at war with Iran now, to please Israel. Of course we’d lose. 2 DREADFUL candidates out of 340M people!? It’s getting crazy: they’re part of the ruling elite, and racists. I notice how both – Epstein & Clinton have sexual favours with only whites. They’re all racists in my book, but I do believe Saudi “brown” girlfriend Adel something or other as Hillary’s entourage.
    I’m no No Saint readers. Hate Trump! But she’d be no better.
    We need a NEW way of making the world a better place. My new project. Not finished yet!


    1. Yes. What a dreadful “choice” we had. I voted for neither. In 2020, I hope to vote for Bernie or Tulsi. Doubtless the Dems will nominate Biden or Harris.

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    2. Hillary like the McCainiac, never saw a War they could pass up, or start. We have left a series of shattered societies all across the Mid-East, including Libya. Millions of dead, wounded and refugees. We count as our friends, the dictatorships of the Gulf Oil States.

      The Gulf Oil States are President Agent Orange’s and Pastor Pence’s dream – Absolute Power, no human rights, no free press and a Theocracy.

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  5. President Agent Orange has no real political agenda, to have an agenda you would need to have cogent thoughts.

    President Agent Orange is at his core Narcissistic personality as defined as follows:
    It is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

    Among the signs of a Narcissistic personality:
    Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
    Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
    Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
    Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior
    Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations
    Take advantage of others to get what they want
    React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior

    For President Agent Orange, the presidency must be a supreme ego trip. Imagine how his ego is fed by the 1% and big corporations coming on bending knees seeking favors and executive orders. Then there are the crowds hooting and hollering his every word, in this respect President Agent Orange may not be racist or bible thumper in the sense of old Southern Jim Crow. However, his crowds are racist bible thumper’s who feed his ego.

    The Democrats need to constantly attack President Agent Orange give him no relief. The Democratic attack strategy would be: 1.) direct attacks on President Agent Orange, 2.) an agenda and platform the voters could rally around.

    The second point is the weak spot as the Corporate Democrats seek to water down or ignore the Progressive forces, in this respect Joe Biden is the perfect choice for Corporate Democrats.

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