Can we be a superpower morally and ethically?

With Scott Carrier (left) at Woods Hole

W.J. Astore

I recently did an interview with Scott Carrier that I greatly enjoyed.  Scott’s site is “Home of the Brave” at

My interview, just under 20 minutes, is available at

In the interview, Scott and I talk about war, military service, America’s intoxication with violence and power, and how we can chart a new way forward.

Thanks so much for giving it a listen.  And check out Scott’s other podcasts.  He’s done amazing work.


2 thoughts on “Can we be a superpower morally and ethically?

  1. Dear Bill
    Your interview with Scott Carrier is not on the link that you posted. You can reach it through the ‘Home of the Brave’ website.


  2. John Lennon said it of Christianity (in general) and The Church of England (in particular): “You can’t be both powerful and pure.” If the shoe fits …


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