Rot at the Supreme Court

W.J. Astore

Injustices, Not Justice

A big part of the American experiment is the idea we are a nation of laws as defined by the U.S. Constitution. The law is supposed to apply equally to all, and disinterested, impartial, justices are supposed to make rulings that are unaffected by money or race or religion or any other factor other than the law itself and what’s right and what isn’t.

That doesn’t describe today’s Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS).

It’s nice to see Justice Thomas smiling so broadly

Justice Clarence Thomas has accepted all kinds of undeclared gifts from a billionaire supporter, including tuition for his great-nephew at private boarding schools. Justice Neil Gorsuch profited from a real estate transaction with a rich law firm CEO with extensive business before the court. Apparently, SCOTUS polices itself here, and so far the SCOTUS cop on watch is asleep.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh gained his seat under a storm of controversy. I wrote in September 2018 that he should withdraw his name from consideration, based on the demeanor he showed at his Senate hearing, but of course he didn’t. Justice Amy Coney Barrett was specifically “saved” by President Trump to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg; everyone knew she was a conservative Catholic opposed to abortion with a clear record of being pro-business to boot.

You’d think the #1 criterion for a SCOTUS justice would be unassailable integrity, but today it seems to be predictable partisan positions (both political parties are guilty here, though Republicans are more blatant). Allegiance to moneyed interests is a big plus. The latter point is why these justices see no problem with accepting “gifts,” otherwise known as bribes (for that is what they are, in plain speak).

SCOTUS, in short, is becoming a tinier version of Congress, featuring partisan hacks serving elite interests. Of course, not all SCOTUS justices are equally guilty here, but if the court fails to police itself, they are all accessories to the actions of Thomas, Gorsuch, et al.

If we had the best legal minds of unassailable integrity on SCOTUS, a layman like me would have little chance of predicting how the court would rule. Yet we generally know ahead of time the decision SCOTUS will reach and even how the justices will vote.

Sadly, partisan predictability and allegiance to powerful interests rule. And so we have a SCOTUS featuring an increasing number of injustices in place of justice.

3 thoughts on “Rot at the Supreme Court

  1. Americans already forgot about the Youth Court Judges who were getting Kickbacks from Private Youth Detention Centres for every Youth they sent there. That is Evil!
    You CANNOT serve 2 Masters. You CANNOT serve God and MONEY Jesus taught.
    The LOVE of MONEY over People is the ROOT of ALL EVIL it says in The Book.

    Samuel was a great Spiritual, Political, Military Leader of the People of God before their 1st King.
    As he got older, he appointed his sons to be Judges among the People, but they were not like their father according to the record. They took BRIBES.

    The only Time I made the Front Page of The Ottawa Citizen was February 3, 1982 as he was entering the Confederation Centre for discussions with all the Provincial Premiers on the Economy.

    That’s me between the photographer and the Prime Minister holding a sign done in beautiful Calligraphy reading, “Woe to those who judge for hire and profit, but not for Justice and Truth” as I said to him, “Prime Minister! Look at my SIGN! I had it made just for you and the Premiers!”

    Expanding the link, it’s obvious Justin’s father liked it. Maybe it brought back memories from many years when he was 1st elected on the Election Campaign theme of ‘A Just Society!


    1. For transparency, the Book actually says, “the love of money is the root of all evil” I added “over people” paraphrasing my interpretation of what’s implied by the exact Words looking into all the stealing and killing in this World over MONEY!


    2. Yes, I remember those judges in Pennsylvania who took money as they sent youth to those detention centers. They betrayed their oaths and practiced injustice instead of justice. For shame!


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