The Marsh in Snow

W.J. Astore

Yesterday, I got out on the marsh during the snow. The landscape was much changed from the previous photos!

New snow planet
This part of the marsh made me think of a nasty trench in the lowlands during World War I
There’s an austerity or bleakness to this photo
At home, a coating of white makes everything look fresh and new
Another month until spring!

6 thoughts on “The Marsh in Snow

  1. your fotos, wja, are as haunting, magnetic, and ‘benumbing’ as a september day on inuvik’s arctic tundra where we lived for 3 years in the ’80s. they have inspired a yearning to deracinate from this philippine tropical-island ecesis to slog and shlush our way across that starkly alluring tundra again. you have captured thru your lens an inimitable beauty that reflects an arctic tundra’s nakedness. thank you.

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  2. Is the marshland tidal…does water completely covers it at times? It is remarkable in temperate climes how a landscape looks completely dead in winter then pops right back. When I lived in the desert southwest I missed the change of seasons, but sitting in a lawn chair in the middle of January with a tee-shirt on also has appeal.

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