Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire


W.J. Astore

Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire — as well as Iowa — and what headline do I see at NBC News?

Bernie Sanders is now the front-runner — and moderates may be too divided to stop him

Why is it necessary to “stop” Bernie Sanders?  What is so radical about Medicare for all, free college tuition, student debt relief, a higher minimum wage, and tax reform that benefits workers?

The next few months are going to be hard to endure for any American with a brain.  For example, Chris Matthews at MSNBC equates Bernie’s democratic socialism with hardcore communism and suggests Bernie’s policies could end with him being executed in Central Park.  No — I’m not kidding!


In another delusional MSNBC video, Bernie’s supporters are compared to Nazi Brownshirts:

Chuck Todd Cites Quote Calling Sanders Supporters “Digital Brownshirt Brigade”

As covered here at Real Clear Politics.

So, the reality is that Bernie Sanders not only has to defeat “moderates” like Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar (a strong third in New Hampshire).  He has to overcome the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media, especially MSNBC.

Speaking of MSNBC and its negative and cynical coverage of Bernie, not all voters are fooled:

As one reader commented on our Facebook page, “OMG exactly the same tactics as in UK [United Kingdom] over [Jeremy] Corbyn followers. Trotsky rabble, Corbineestas, etc.”

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, smear ’em as a red, as dangerously radical, or alternatively as thuggish Brownshirted fascist Bernie Bros.

The establishment’s desperation is obvious.  Go Bernie!

30 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire

  1. W.J, you write ”The next few months are going to be hard to endure for any American with a brain. ” May I say these next few months will be hard on anyone in the world with a brain! It’s amazing to see how, as you mention, such basic rights as education, affordable health care, a decent minimum wage, and a fair and simple tax system (to name a few big ones) can be twisted out of shape and used as derogatory propaganda against any and all who would promote these building blocks of modernity.

    ”Up” here in Canada, we’re not perfect and we’re certainly not socialists. Yet, good education is cheap, health care is (for the most part) free, minimum wages provide sustainable lives and … OK, our tax system needs work….


  2. Predictable headline that I saw on CNN: “Klobuchar surges to third place.” Hooray!

    And it’s rather amazing how Bernie can lead a “brownshirt” brigade while overseeing a communist firing squad for Chris Matthews. There is nothing that Bernie can’t do …


  3. Wait, who might get executed in Central Park, Chris Matthews or Bernie?!!? I used to enjoy Matthews when he asked hard questions (as in “Hardball”) of GOP members of the D.C. Establishment (only saw him occasionally, though; I didn’t “follow” any of the Sunday morning news-talk shows). I guess a condition of remaining employed was that he must drift (sprint?) to the right….Hey, a rethink: Now that Trump has kicked over any restraints on the Executive Branch, if Bernie ‘The Red’ Sanders should become POTUS, couldn’t he in fact just order Chris Matthews taken out and shot?? I’m warming to the idea!!


  4. Will the MSM ever learn? Eventually, they are going to have to eat their words. The “didgital brigade” or “the squad” as they are called are NOT AFRAID to speak their minds and are ready to take them on….. if MSM does not change, they will lose all credibility ( whatever little is left ) and the “digital brigade” and “the squad’ will move on without them…. not that they have needed them.


  5. Last night, Chris Hayes on MSNBC tried to sell the idea that Southern blacks were looking to Mike “stop-and-frisk” Bloomberg as an attractive candidate against Trump.

    So: We’ll replace one rich racist white guy (Trump) with a richer racist white guy (Bloomberg) and call it victory for minorities in America?

    Well, MSNBC and the DNC does have $60 billion reasons to kowtow to Bloomberg …


    1. At this point, I can’t really get a handle on Bloomberg. He surely doesn’t “need” to become POTUS, unless his ego is approaching Trumpian proportions (you know, POTUS as “The Most Powerful Man on Earth”). Perhaps in his mind he believes he really has solutions to save Capitalism from its own wretched excesses? I can picture one of his “solutions” to budget deficit as continuing Trump’s assaults on Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and SNAP benefits. You know, “fiscal responsibility”! Would he ruffle any feathers at the Pentagon? I doubt it. I think this is all pretty moot. I don’t care how much money he pours into ad buys, I don’t see him winning over the electorate.


      1. Greg: by stopping Bernie and/or Warren, he would probably stops the “wealth” tax, which would save him billions of dollars. So he has billions of reasons to run.


        1. Aw, I don’t see that as sufficient motivation to put up with the stress of a national campaign. Somehow the Billionaire Class will survive, and find “friends” in gov’t to protect their interests, without ‘Little Mike’ (I heard today on radio news that he’s only 5 ft. 4!!) personally taking the reins.


          1. Greg: Supposedly he’s about 5 ft. 8 in., not that height matters (except to Trump).

            Klobuchar is fond of saying she’s 5 ft 4 in., or the same height as James Madison.


            1. Ha! Klobuchar is no James Madison, but I now think she has a very good chance of becoming the DNC’s “safe” candidate. Is the electorate ready to put a woman in the Top Job? Well, they did so four years ago, by popular vote. Amy comes without the Clinton “baggage,” but I really can’t muster any enthusiasm for her! Except on grounds that she ain’t Donald J. Trump.


  6. HA, HA, all could think about during Chris Matthew’s rant was some body call Animal Control this fellow needs to be darted with a tranquilizer. At one point Matthew’s seems to Check Yourself, before You Wreck Yourself, then with the approving silence of the other panelists, he wrecked himself. His visceral hatred of Bernie Sanders was revealed.

    With Biden taking on water and the Corporate Powers in the DNC realizing Mayor Wine Cellar has no chance to defeat The Trumpet, Klobuchar is now being pushed forward to stop Bernie if that fails add Bloomberg. The again for the DNC and DCCC, even if The Trumpet wins the people in these organizations maintain their positions and power and that is all that counts.

    The utter stupidity I see on Face Book has some Democratic Partisans calling for a Bloomberg, Michelle Obama ticket as a path to beat The Trumpet.


    1. I think the Obamas will be too busy moving into their $15 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard … which of course is chump change for Bloomberg.


  7. Latest attack on Bernie comes from Lloyd Blankfein, former chief executive of Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sucks) “If Dems go on to nominate Sanders, the Russians will have to reconsider who to work for to best screw up the US. Sanders is just as polarizing as Trump AND he’ll ruin our economy and doesn’t care about our military. If I’m Russian, I go with Sanders this time around,” he wrote.

    “This is what panic from the Wall Street elite looks and sounds like,” Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, responded in a tweet. Blankfein, a registered Democrat, supported Hillary Clinton in the last election. (Of course he would.) Goldman Sachs Paid Hillary $675,000 for speeches.

    I suspect if they are not already doing so CNN, MSDNC and FOX are bringing out of the Wall Street bull pens various “Captains of the Industries” to scare us about the “Specter of Sandersism”.


    1. Yes, Blankfein is what we call a Wall $treet Heavy Hitter. Did he really feel he needed to drag the Russkies into it?!? Good grief, Charlie Brown. Must be his Clinton connection speaking, eh?


  8. Clearly, as far as the media are concerned, “Democrats” = the DNC. That anyone could still harbor doubts about the “ABB Fix” being in (“Anyone But Bernie”) defies logic and yet we see it every day.
    As far two people “winning” (okay, three, if you want to count whatshisname), that’s in keeping with one of the more reprehensible developments of this century, the participation trophy. Everyone’s a winner except whoever actually wins.
    And as I’ve heard astrology is making a comeback, my reading of the zodiac says Bernie’s winning ways may result in him being barred from the Convention. After all, he’s not really a Democrat – his continued presence screws up “the process” for real Democrats – so nothing says he has to be admitted, let alone be recognized and considered for the nomination. As for any delegates that may be committed to him, well, those can be dismissed as misguided and invalid. The DNC is running the show, and we’ve already seen they are perfectly willing to change any rules or by-laws as their needs demand.
    So ends my reading of the stars for Friday, February 14, 2020.


    1. Astrology is making a comeback, eh? I guess that makes sense: Hitler consulted astrologers!! (A historical fact. I again, or perhaps for first time on this site, highly recommend the German movie “Downfall,” about Hitler’s final days. Yeah, English subtitles, but patrons of this blog should be capable of reading them, yes?)


    2. Continuing ….
      Biden was “the clear front runner” and Warren a viable alternative and “a top-tier candidate” (per The Guardian) because we were told they were: “facts” which were reflected in all the polls, duly reported by all major media outlets – even NPR! – and applauded by the DNC … until it came time for votes to be cast. Goodbye Joe, see ya around, Liz. “Woe unto the vanquished.”
      But now there’s “Mayor Pete” and Ms. Klobuchar. And still M. Bloomberg and, just off-stage, possibly John Kerry (!?!?!) who will step in “to save the party.” Is Michael Dukakis available?
      Meanwhile, The Guardian recently had an article about how “even if Bernie Sanders loses, he’s transformed the Democratic Party forever” which is, of course, garbage. Leave it to the British press … Oldsters will recall George McGovern being credited the same way back in 19 and 72 and how far that went. I believe the official DNC stance after that debacle was and and continues to be “never again,” but for Bernie or his supporters to make such a claim would be seen as a tawdry conspiracy theory born of panic as Pete & Amy get ever-closer. And who’d want someone like that in the Oval Office?


      1. Great point, So far, the DNC hasn’t changed at all because of Bernie or the progressives. Indeed, their mission seems to be to screw their own base.


        1. The Democrats screwing the base of their own party? I’d have thought this rather old news by now. From Sheldon Wolin’s masterful treatise, Democracy, Incorporated (2006):

          While the Republican Party is ever vigilant about the care and feeding of its zealots, the Democratic Party is equally concerned to discourage its democrats.

          The timidity of a Democratic Party mesmerized by centrist precepts points to the crucial fact that, for the poor, minorities, the working class, anticorporatists, pro-environmentalists, and anti-imperialists, there is no opposition party working actively on their behalf. And this despite the fact that these elements are recognized as the loyal base of the party. By ignoring dissent and by assuming that the dissenters have no alternative, the party serves as an important, if ironical, stabilizing function and in effect marginalizes any possible threat to the corporate allies of the Republicans.”

          In other words, the Democrat Party exists to guarantee that the Republicans (and corporate crypto-fascism itself) have no working-class left flank to bother about. As the newly elected Democratic President Obama made haste to instantly reassure a room full of fraudulent bankers in January of 2009: “I’m all that stands between you and the pitchforks.” Eight years later he and his wife leave office with $30 million in payouts — each — in grateful recognition of services rendered. Talk about quids pro quos.


          1. Yes, Mike. We’re seeing this dynamic play out in real time with the red-baiting of Sanders (who actually cares about workers) and the smearing of Tulsi (who’s anti-imperialist and who therefore must be attacked or ignored).


  9. Here is good but long article on Bloomberg. Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Is a GOP Bankroller, Over the last decade, Bloomberg helped Republicans take and maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

    This is modern day what Eugene Debs said so correctly: “The Republican and Democratic parties, or, to be more exact, the Republican-Democratic party, represent the capitalist class in the class struggle. They are the political wings of the capitalist system and such differences as arise between them relate to spoils and not to principles.”

    Bloomberg now may have a “women problems” as a Washington Post article says. Who knows, The Trumpet made it to the top with a lot of baggage too. This from the Guardian: Two prominent Democratic donors in Chicago with deep ties to Barack Obama will next week co-host an event for former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg.

    Another article in the Guardian mentions how according to the Corporate Establishment Democrats Bernie if he is the Presidential Candidate will harm the rest of ticket.

    So, I suppose my take away is in reading and sometimes watching the talking heads on CNN and MSDNC, it is best if the Democratic Candidates are barely indistinguishable from the GOP, i.e., No Single Payer Health Care, etc., and In Wall Street We Trust.


  10. Ironically, Fox News is sometimes more honest than MSNBC when it comes to the Democratic presidential primary and candidates:


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