The Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party

Yes, the Democratic leadership is still bankrupt of principles, even as it’s rolling in donor money. Joe Biden, for example, promised a $15 federal minimum wage. He abandoned that promise. He promised a single-payer option for health care and lower prescription drug prices. Cue the sound of crickets here. A $2000 Covid relief check became only $1400 and was means-tested. Student debt relief is a non-starter. And yet a compliant and complicit media is trying to present Joe as a visionary, the next FDR. Meanwhile, Trump lurks in the wings, waiting for his chance to announce he’s running again in 2024.

A fraud and charlatan like Trump should never have had a chance in American politics. Sure, the Republican Party is complicit, but so too are establishment Democrats, who love the status quo because it serves their needs and interests. It enriches them, in short, while impoverishing most of America. Nevertheless, when it comes to ideas and principles and integrity, the DNC and its leaders remain bankrupt, which may yet provide Trump with another opportunity to sell his snake-oil “solutions” to desperate Americans.

Bracing Views

dems Tepidness and Timidity

W.J. Astore

Why did Donald Trump win the presidency?  A big reason is that he was willing to take unpopular stances.  He criticized the Afghan and Iraq wars in the strongest terms.  He attacked Wall Street.  He called for closer relations with Russia.  Of course, to cite one example, when he became president, Trump willingly  embraced Wall Street — no surprise here.  Trump is not about consistency. The larger point is that he appeared authentic, or at the very least not tied to traditional politics of the mealymouthed, which involves focus groups and think tanks and polls and triangulation before any policy position is taken.

The Democratic Party has learned nothing from Trump’s success, nor for that matter from Bernie Sanders’s rise.  It’s rejecting the energy and popularity of Sanders’s progressive platform for the tired bromides of economic competitiveness, moderate tax increases on the rich, and infrastructure…

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8 thoughts on “The Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party

  1. I fear Pontius Pompeus far more than Trump for 2024. He’s just as bad and in addition intelligent, educated and very articulate and thus would be accepted a lot easier, also by the Democrats.

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    1. Pompeus has a name suitable to his pompousness and he is far from being “intelligent, educated and very articulate”. His talks are cringe-worthy. It has been said that words only convey 50%, or less, concerning communication ability. Pompeus’ physiognomy reduces his ability to communicate by 70%.


  2. Yes, frustrating for sure that the $15 minimum wage, the public healthcare option, and the $2,000 relief checks haven’t materialized. All being swept under the rug, of course, and absolutely no surprise to anyone paying attention. But when we have a new FDR, who could complain? Putting away sarcasm font now…..

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  3. I remember “back in the day” when just Washington politicians were bought and paid for by deep pocket funding from very benign sounding organizations that were able to keep the funding sources well hid from the players they helped elect. None of this money was taxed; it was generous donations that one would have thought; based on the names of the foundations that the money never would have been used to fund candidates. Today they have so much donated tax free dollars that state houses and city municipalities are owned. These folks who organize campaign strategy behind the scenes are well schooled in electoral politics and every aspect of messaging is tested before focus groups to insure its efficacy. We are manipulated into thinking that one side …or the other; has our best interest at heart. You know like the marketing that tells you that a particular breakfast cereal is good for your health; even though they know it has a pound of sugar in each box and will shave 10 years off your life and make you feel drained the other 40. To them it’s all about winning; any way they can…(lie, cheat, steal!). It’s a struggle to find a human being running for office that has the integrity and honesty to die upon the sword of their platform they ran with, and made promises to the voters to stay that course no matter the push back they receive. There are powerful forces in industry up and down the spectrum that want to manipulate the laws and levers of power for more predictably profitable outcomes. The honest avenues of information are far and few between; and the truth tellers are easily swatted away. This will not be an easy navigation upon these turbulently violent murky rapids. I’ve stopped believing anything from Washington’s official narrative. Read, study history, question everything and make educated choices. People are going to have to take back control by educating themselves about what type of world can be constructed through government channels; go inside themselves and figure out what their core principles are and how a public commons could meet those needs and then not accept anything less from their chosen candidate. This system is has been hollowed out by billionaires and they have played the game ruthlessly well. It will be a long difficult mission for the people to take back control. Until then we should expect to be lied to and receive very meager outcomes from our greedy leaders. I highly recommend Jane Mayer’s work Dark Money. When reading the details about particularly criminal industry figures; understand that every side is doing these things and know that the will of the people is subverted by such tactics.

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    1. Your point about reading, studying, and self-education is absolutely vital, Utejack.

      As an example, I had dinner last night with a friend who I’d consider better informed than average. As it is, however, she works long hours and only catches bits and pieces of network news broadcasts here and there. She said she did watch the entirety of Biden’s speech last week, however, and is pleased with the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Biden’s explanation of same. I pointed out the cagey language framing that explanation, commenting that, although 2500 combat troops will be leaving (supposedly), there will still be advisors and contractors. Also, drone strikes and other missions will NOT cease. My friend had not realized that, but still thought the troop withdrawal is what matters. I brought up Biden’s willfully deceptive use of the word, “offensive” related to U.S. military efforts surrounding Yemen, saying that our government will continue to support the Saudis, because they couch their incursion in terms of defense, however ludicrous the claim. My friend just looked at me and said, “I don’t know enough about any of that to be able to comment. I just think Biden is doing a great job so far.” And so it goes. Even people who make the efforts they can to understand, and who eschew Fox et. al., don’t begin to have the full picture.

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      1. Have your friends watch an explanation of how our politics are manipulated. If they cannot find the time or desire to read; maybe they can watch or listen.


  4. It was decades a-buildin’ and arrivin’ but the suckerization of Amerika is complete.
    Over 70 million people voted for Trump in 2020. Congress and State capitols and legislatures are packed with his supporters. Voting rights are being trashed with little opposition.
    The Constitution and Bill of Rights have become little more than old pieces of paper.
    The Democratic Party, while making every possible move to make Biden their candidate, then did little to get him elected beyond pointing out “He’s not Trump.” Somehow, Biden managed to win, and the DNC still doesn’t know what to do about it largely, it seems, because they didn’t really think he’d get in, which would have allowed them to continue to put the onus on the voters “for not doing their job” (which is what we’ll be hearing when the mid-term elections roll around).
    In the meantime, the Republicans are proving to be even more vicious in defeat than they had been with Trump in the Oval Office. And, what a surprise, from sea to shining sea, the Democrats are doing nothing about it, largely because they can’t. Forget all the red state/blue state nonsense. It’s a Republican country, chock full of people who – as we’ve just seen in the UK – have come to believe that what’s good for the rich will ultimately benefit them and that there are plenty of “others” – immigrants, minorities, any of the “Cluster of Letters” special interest groups – to blame for their problems.
    Making the Call Here & Now: the Republicans will blow out the Democrats in the mid-terms. Two years later, Trump – if he’s still alive – will return to the White House in a landslide. Having lived through his first administration, I’ve no interest in living through a second.

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