The Marsh in Winter

W.J. Astore

I live near a salt marsh, and yesterday saw sunny skies and relatively dry air for these parts. Thus it was high time for a walk and a few photos:

Out on the marsh during low tide. I love a place where I can see the horizon

People hunt out on the marsh. In this case, these Canadian geese had only to worry about a bad profile in my photo:

Soon after taking this, they took to the air

Even in February, there are hints of greener days ahead:

There’s something magical about a spot like this, especially in the dead of winter

Some trees are portals to new places, if you dare:

Speak friend and enter

Open wild spaces: we need them now more than ever

Breathe deep!

Hope you enjoyed these “bracing views”!

11 thoughts on “The Marsh in Winter

  1. Magnificent! I especially like the one with the green peeking through—beautiful contrast.

    Here in Cleveland, I’m looking out at about 8 inches of snow, lighting up the landscape and making a fairyland of our tiny yard.

    Thank you for this gift today!


  2. mother nature’s symphonic delights as captured through your lens, wja, are sumptuous desserts we can all indulge in, and can do so w/out accreting supererogative caloric infusions that adhere to our frames. thank you for vicariously pulling us through your creative lens; it is, as ever, a refreshing and elutriating mind-trip. please pleasure us w/ more of your foto-excursions.


  3. Soul-feeding pictures! And reminding me it’s been too long since I’ve been out in the wild. Also reminded me that I was going to get my camera out and try to take some pictures of all the birds we’ve had in our yard recently. Haven’t shot film in several years – hope I remember how the old SLR works!


  4. Thanks for the photos.

    We have so many Canadian geese here in the Chicago area that they are a problem due to the piles of poop they leave on every open field, including the high school athletic fields where I regularly see a hundred or more. They are beefy birds, easily 2 or 3 times the weight of a chicken. They are hunted up north, aren’t they? Has anyone eaten Canadian goose meat? Why would one hunt a duck rather than a goose…maybe because the weight makes them harder to carry home?


  5. Hughesnet finally got these fantastic photos downloaded to the post.; smooth as dial up!
    That portal to the land where peace prevails looks mighty tempting…
    I’m ready to climb down into Mother Earth and escape.
    I see Perseverance Rover #1 has made it safely to the red planet for it’s tour of that barren landscape during NASA’s
    “Marshan” review….
    But I much preferred your marsh and guided walk through the magic…
    Many thanks…
    I’d like to linger here but I know that there’s business to attend too… so forward marsh…

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  6. Since I’ve read every Book by the Visionary Astronomer Carl Sagan I give you a fave. Quote of mine on his views of “Nature” Here goes: “Nature is always more subtle, more intricate, more elegant than we are able to imagine.” Carl Sagan “The Demon Haunted World” (1995) Always helps me when contemplating the Universe…!


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