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W.J. Astore

Bracing Views has a new Facebook page, as follows: https://www.facebook.com/Bracing-Views-100104955252693/ or click here.

For several years I’ve been using the Facebook page for The Contrary Perspective to post BV articles, links to other articles, cartoons, photos, opinions, and the like, all related to what I write about here. But with the growth of Bracing Views to nearly 1000 followers, it’s time I created a unique page for it.

If you’d like to stay abreast of articles, ideas, and so on that are related to what I write about here, and you can endure belonging to Facebook (All hail Lord Zuck!), please follow or like the new page. Many thanks!

And many thanks again to all the people who read and comment here. I’m sure I learn more from you than you do from me.

Bill Astore

5 thoughts on “Our New Facebook Page

  1. Bill, I hope you’re not going to post anything exclusively to FB. I am on FB but I have to limit what I look at there. For crying out loud, look at how much time I spend on the “old” BV platform (this one)! I need to get a life, as they say!


    1. Greg: No worries. You can safely miss the FB page.

      I use it mainly to post links to people like Taibbi, political cartoons, and so on. Sometimes I post links to articles that BV readers alert me to. It’s another way to get the message out and to get people thinking.


  2. we have no facebook page, acct. or predilections toward FB-points on the compass. nor do we preveniently expect future eloignments to that dispiteous site. in FB’s defence, however, it IS a more regnant route to ubiquitous divulgations of your pellucid insights and resplendent pencraft, wja.


    1. Social media are here to stay. I can see no way for them to remain a reasonably free public forum AND an area policed to squelch the ever growing mountains of disinformation. I see disinformation winning out as long as these media are minting billionaires among their chief owners. To clarify somewhat an earlier comment of mine: it’s reported that it was Twitter, not Facebook, that took down Steve Bannon’s feed, allegedly permanently banning him. Something about a posted suggestion that someone behead Dr. Anthony Fauci. Yes, we’ve come to that in this sick as hell society of ours.

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