My Dad’s Silver Dollars

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, which used to be known as Armistice Day. It was a day to celebrate peace — 11/11/1918 marked the end of World War I. But of course it’s become a day to celebrate veterans, but we already have Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, etc. There’s even a “National Day of the Deployed,” as in troops deployed overseas, which occurred this year on Oct. 26th.

11/11 should be a day to celebrate the end of war. A day to mark the promise of peace. That’s what my dad’s silver dollars were all about in the 1920s.

It’s high time “peace” became a thing again.

Bracing Views

W.J. Astore

My dad left me two silver dollars.  They’re worth much in sentimental value (I’ll explain in a moment), but they also teach us something about how America has changed.

Here’s a photo of them.  Lady Liberty is on the front, an eagle is on the back.


These were “peace” dollars issued in the aftermath of World War I.  (Note the word “peace” under the eagle.)  Imagine that: a coin issued by the USA dedicated to and celebrating peace!  It’s truly hard to imagine such a coin being issued today, and not only because our currency is now made only with base metal (a debased currency?).

In keeping with U.S. foreign policy today, an equivalent 2018 (faux silver) dollar would doubtless feature the god of war on the front with a menacing eagle clutching missiles, drones, and bombs on the back.

Anyway, I promised a story about my dad’s…

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2 thoughts on “My Dad’s Silver Dollars

  1. Just interesting side bar from another Web Site >>> The stamp was cancelled in Milwaukee on June 14, 1961, at 4:30 p.m. Back then, they had time to even tell you the time. The cancellation mark by the post office also bore the plea, “PRAY FOR PEACE.” Many of us still do that today, but it doesn’t seem to work too well.<<<

    These days "PRAY FOR PEACE", would have as the meaning of "PEACE" in the sense of Pax Americana. That is bringing hellfire, missiles, arty and anything else in our War Machine's Arsenal of Democracy to destroy the enemy that refuses to submit.

    "PEACE", or peaceful co-existence, with the nations of the world borders now on a lack of patriotism. It is the Peace of American Imperialism that must be enforced throughout the World.


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