On Black Friday, the Hologram Is Revealed

Another Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday! When you look at the commodification of our lives, and the belief in happiness gained through consumption and materialism, perhaps it’s not so surprising that we’re now ruled by a huckster-in-chief, Donald Trump. The one thing Trump excels at is selling a certain image of himself. But why are so many buying it? Read on!

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Today's Teresas are driven to ecstasy by commodities Today’s Teresas are driven to ecstasy by commodities

W.J. Astore

It’s Black Friday: shop ’til you drop!  I watch my share of TV (mainly sports), and this week I’ve been subjected to a bumper crop of commercials showing me that my happiness–even my life–depends on buying more and more stuff.  People on these commercials experience paroxysms of pleasure when they save a few dollars on sweaters or shoes or electronic gizmos (probably all made in China).  Thank goodness I stopped watching morning “news” shows and other infotainment, which simply reinforce the drive to consume like gormless zombies.

Speaking of zombies, my favorite scene from the “Walking Dead” series came in Season 1 when our intrepid heroes are hiding in a department store among the racks of merchandise as hordes of zombies press against the doors, fighting desperately to gain access so they can consume some choice brains.  What a telling…

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One thought on “On Black Friday, the Hologram Is Revealed

  1. Ah, The “Forgotten Ones”. So sad is the phrase. Trump is letting them down also: plenty for foreign wars, not a pittance for them. Clinton lost because she claimed “America is great now!” His lie; “Make America Great Again!” also misses the point. This election was really about jobs, not part time, but REAL jobs, that bring a decent income to a family. Neither party can deliver.


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